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Tubular Products out of Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys



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Gothe Edelstahl: Everything from one source...

Focus on Sustainability

We process stainless steel and special materials since 1930

From its foundation in 1920 as a Coppersmith, the company has continuously developed further and produces since 1945 pipes/fittings, apparatus, vessels and pipelines in Mönchengladbach (Germany) out of stainless steel and nickel alloys. In addition to this, exotic materials such as copper-nickel, titanium and other special materials are also part of the portfolio...

Focus on our core business


Our pipes and fittings find their applications in different industries or where premium quality is required to counter corrosion, heat and pressure...


The production of apparatus is an integral part of our product portfolio. Our customers, who mainly come from the paper, chemical and power plant industry, appreciate the quality of our products and our project management expertise...


In the area of vessels, we manufacture individual solutions for our customers from a wide range of industries. In most cases the cooperation starts already during the engineering phase and is accompanied by us until the assembly...


We manufacture pipelines according to drawings, isometric specifications and site measurements. Individual solutions and concepts in this area are our specialty...


  • To be the first choice in welded pipes, apparatus and vessels out of stainless steel and special materials
  • Establishing ourselves also in the international markets through growth and innvation


  • Highest quality and timely delivery at fair prices in close collaboration with our customers
  • An open ear for the ideas of customers and employees for the purpose of optimization and efficiency in all areas of the company


Stay informed

21. June 2018

Project Leipa

Im April 2018 konnte Gothe ein weiteres Projekt mit über 1.200 to an Rohrleitungen und Behältern erfolgreich abschließen. Der Auftrag wurde für den Kunden „Leipa“ in Schwedt für die Papierindustrie im Rahmen einer Erweiterungsinvestition durchgeführt. Es wurden 37 km Rohrleitungen sowie 3,3 km Dampf und Kondensat-Systeme produziert und vor Ort montiert. Als Werkstoff wurde hauptsächlich 1.4571 bzw. 1.4404 eingesetzt. Gothe ist und bleibt beim Thema Anlagenbau, insbesondere im Bereich Papierindustrie, ein verlässlicher Partner für seine Kunden und blickt aufgrund der aktuellen Nachfragesituation positiv in die Zukunft...