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Gothe Edelstahl: Everything from one source...

Stainless Steel Pipes / Fittings

We manufacture longitudinally welded pipes from sheet metal with dimensions ranging from (OD Ø) 21,33 mm to 1,320 mm and wall thicknesses up to 70 mm. The production lengths are 3000 mm and 6000 mm. In addition to the usual standards, we can produce any desired pipe dimension. In the field of welding we have all the current and required qualifications and certificates.
Also included in our product range are pipe fittings such as bends, tees, reducers, welded and pressed saddles.


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Your Contact Person

Mr. Detlef Engels
Head of Sales

Power of Attorney
Tel.: +49 2166 1292-26
E-Mail: engels[at]gothe-edelstahl[dot]de

Mr. Claudio Mastio
Head of Procurement and Trading

Tel.: +49 2166 1292-53
E-Mail: mastio[at]gothe-edelstahl[dot]de