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Gothe Edelstahl: Everything from one source...


We manufacture piping according to drawings, isometric specifications and site measurements. After creating the 3D isometrics and drawings, the spools are produced.
Prefabricated components are completely spray or dip tank pickled and erected on-site by our installation team.
By production in accordance with site measurement, we conduct an onsite inspection. Based on acquired data, we create a corresponding isometrics, which is used for production and installation as well as for invoicing based on site measuring.
The pipelines can also be beveled, polished or electro polished from the inside.

Our production range includes among others:

  • Pressure pipes including acceptance test
  • Tubing
  • Pipelines according to DIN 11850 – beverage lines
  • Pipeline routes including brackets

Your Contact Person

Mr. Sahin Göksu
Head of Apparatus and Vessels

Tel.: +49 2166 1292-51
E-Mail: goeksu[at]gothe-edelstahl[dot]de

Mr. Dominik Kasulke
Project Execution and Work Preperation

Tel.: +49 2166 1292-58
E-Mail: kasulke[at]gothe-edelstahl[dot]de